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Fluvanna Community Church

Russian Missions

  Jamestown     Perm

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Mission Parameters Just Getting There 8/13
Fighting a Myth 8/21 Crumbs From the Master's Table 9/3
Kate's Story 9/5 General Report to Church 9/6
The First Seeds are Sown 9/8
Live in Honor 9/9
My Heart 9/10
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Local Links
Fluvanna Community Church
FCC Home Page. Pastor: Rev. Dayle F. Keefer.
Ellington Congregational Church
A solid 4C's church in Ellington, pastored by Keith Terrill.
Living Faith
A Nazarene outreach church in Jamestown. The church meets 340 Falconer Street, Sunday evenings.
Biblical Commentary
A good commentary page authored and hosted by Tim Young of Jamestown.
(Good Job Tim!)
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Other Links
A picture tour of Perm.
Louisville, the sister city to Perm, hosts a picture tour of Perm.
City of Perm
This is the city of Perm's offical home page.
Family Care Foundation
The Family Care Foundation is in Perm helping homeless street children.
Zion Family Ministries
A ministry helping Pastor Edward in Perm. They host this page of many pictures!
University of Texas Medical Outreach Project
The University of Texas is help the medical community in Perm by sending equiptment and personnal to demonstrate it's use.
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