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Crumbs From the Master's Table

 During a teacher's outing to the Whitehill Monastery, we enjoyed a delicious picnic on the grassy slopes of the Ural Mountains. As soon as we started passing out food, dogs came around us looking for our mercy. One of the teachers made a comment about the inappropriateness of feeding these dogs when so many people go hungry. This opened up the door to share how far God's love goes.   
 His love extends far beyond those who sit at the table, beyond those whom we think are worthy. His love and His plan of salvation are for everyone! "Even the dogs eat from the crumbs from the master's table." (Matt. 15:27) We talked and shared the truth of that verse and a new understanding of the depths of God's love was revealed to them. To make a long story short, by the time we were finished eating, all the dogs surounding us also had their fill.   

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