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My Heart

    My mind is filled with visions of the children at the orphan center, especially two in particular .. The first one is little Tatyana, who is three years old. Tatyana is the little girl who ran into my arms & called me momma, her calling still rings in my ears. If it was up to me, I would bring her home, however, I believe that God has another plan for her life. I guess you could say that Tatyana is handy cap, because she has a cleft palate. This problem does not take away from her beauty. I'm am not sure of the severity of her problem , however I do plan on checking this out & I am in the process of contacting an organization called, Operation Smile. This is a private, not-for-profit volunteer medical service organization that provides reconstructive surgery & related health care to indigent children & young adults in developing countries & the United States. My prayer for Tatyana is that this team of doctors will be able to help her by performing the necessary surgery needed to repair her cleft palate. I can't help but wonder if this is the reason that this child has not yet been adopted!

   Some where out there are two godly parents to nurture & love this beautiful child. I want to do my best to help her find the mommy & daddy she deserves.


    The second child is a 7 year old little boy that is going to be moved to another orphan center before too long. You see after the age of 7 children go to a another home. I do not know this little boys name, but God does! All I know is that God woke me up this morning with him on my heart & I want to help him as well as Tatayana. What truly breaks my heart is that this child will be removed from all the things & people that he is familiar with. The adjustment will not be to a home with a Mommy & Daddy, but to a place similar to the home he left. The orphan center gave the children the necessary things that they need , they are meeting their physical needs. But what about their emotional needs? Has this boy ever been told that he is a good boy? Is he tucked into bed at night? Does anyone rock him to sleep? What about his bad dreams, is there someone there to tell him that it's going to be okay? Does the staff taking care of him believe that it will be okay or are they there just doing there job day by day?

   My heart is aching for these children, I want to help then anyway that I can. Would you please join me in praying for Tatayana & the 7 year old boy? We know that these children have a Father in heaven that loves them very much, but do they know it? If not whose going to tell Them? Please join me in praying for them, I plead to you my brothers & sisters in the Lord. May God burden you as has has me.    In Him

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