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The First Seeds are Sown

   I left Jamestown with one prayer; that we could sow seeds of hope, and trust God for a harvest of faith.

   During our extended stay ar the Moscow Airport, we had the extreme priviledge to meet a wonderful man named Olig. He is a kind man, who inspite of great distress and hardship, placed our needs as a priority. (Olig is the pilot mentioned in the article "Just Getting There") During conversation we had many opportunities to share our faith. Olig told us that he and his wife had begun to attend church. He explained that they had lost their son to the Chechnya War in February. His wife was not coping with this tremendous loss. They were broken and searching for comfort and hope. We had the marvelous priviledge of praying with him right there at the airport. He asked us to get him a Bible. We promised to bring he and his wife before the Lord in prayer. Our first seeds of hope were planted in broken soil.

   Please pray for Olig to recieve his Bible quickly, and for someone to come into both his and his wife's life to lead them to a saving faith in Christ. Amen.   

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