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Fighting a Myth

  Kimberly has reported that the Russian people have been taught and believe the Herbrew myth of "Lilith". According to the myth, Lilith was a woman created by God at the same time as Adam, but she would not be submissive to Adam and ran away to live with demons. After this God created Eve from Adam's rib. The fact that this is untrue is a stumbling block to some Russians. If it seems rediculous to us, we should remember some of the misconceptions we have here. The idea that people become angels when get to Heaven is one such misconception and is promoted by such things as the book "The Littlest Angel" or the movie "Its a Wonderful Life".

  It is hard to let go of a life-long, cultural teaching and to do so often makes you an outcast to friends and family.

  Again, let us pray the God would give the team the insight and the words to counter such obsticles and that He would open the spiritual eyes of the people to whom they are ministering. Amen.

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