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General Report to Church

Kimberly & Sue Report on Their Trip to Russia!
  Dear Brothers & Sisters, We want to again thank you so much for your prayer and financial support. It was our goal to plant seeds of hope, and trust God for a harvest of faith. He has been faithful and we were actually able to see some of the harvest while we were there.

The Cow Project.
   We purchased five cows and gave several hundred dollars to the refurbishing of the bam to house them. The New Testament Church will sell one of its vehicles to pay for a new farm site where all the cows (hopefully our cows will soon produce calves) can be raised. A Christian farmer is currently farming on behalf of the street children. Approximately sixty children are fed every day and, in the fall, the New Hope Center (which will house 60 children) will open. We toured the new facility and it is a good work. There is a spirit of excellence in the work, and Christ is honored above all!

Does the project work? Yes, indeed! We had the marvelous privilege to meet a young gir who eight years ago was a street child. Through the ministry she accepted Christ, completed her education and is now working with street children. Her heart is tender towards people in need, and her devotion is to God. She is an admirable and precious young lady.

Christian Teachers' Association:
   We met daily for four-hour workshops teaching biblical values. Before our eyes we saw women in hopeless despair transformed as a new under-standing of Christ and His love for them became real. Reportedly it was a supernatural work of God, because no group prior to us has had such an outstanding and swift response. Sue prayed that, above all, they would see Christ in us, and I believe they did. One by one, they began to share their burdens and pleaded for God's help. With some we had the awesome privilege to see their countenance change in just a few days. On most days we had 100% participation and their trust in God was growing. Sue did workshops on How to Pray. Kimberly did workshops on For- giveness, Godly Parenting, Inter-personal Relationships and God's Plan For Them. The teacher's want to join together for Bible studies on their own and have long-range plans to begin a student Bible Club. The principal of the school was so grateful to us. He longs for a sense of morality among his students and embraced the idea of Bible education in school, as well as a Bible Club after school. He volunteered his school as the site. This was an answer to prayer! We were so impressed with the dedication of these teachers. They love their students and have dedicated their lives to them. How many American teachers do you know who would come together for four hours every night to better the morality in our society and to learn how to bring children to Christ?

Project Beanie Baby.
  In addition to being gifts to the children in the orphanage, we used the beanie babies as an object lesson in telling the Plan of Salvation. Both teachers and children were moved by the simplicity of the gospel message. Hopefully, each of them will remember God's plan for them when they look at their Beanie Baby. We hosted the first children's workshop and future trips will now include Bible workshops for the children.

The Orphan Project.
   We visited one of 42 orphan centers, which housed children ages birth to age seven. Although Perm has 42 orphanages, it doesn't appear to have even one adoption agency. Two of our beloved Russian friends are beginning the proceedings for a possible site in Perm. We need a stateside agency established here and we will work together with them. Please pray for God's direction in this area. Take one look at our photos and you will understand the need. The good works of God are too numerous to mention, but God was so good! Thank you for sending us! We have been blessed! In Christ's abundant love, Sue Colwell & Kimberly Park

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