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Just Getting There

  Sue, Susan, and Kimberly left Friday Aug. 11th. around 10:00 am. A small two engined turbo/prop plane took them to N.Y., where they boarded a large airliner for Moscow. The fight was smooth and uneventful.

  On arriving at Moscow they were detained because the lipsticks they were carring (gifts for the Russian women) were mistaken for munitions. After some investagation and giving some lipsticks to the customs officals, (for their wives) they were released. The delay had made them miss their flight and there would be 6 hours before the next availible plane. During the wait they met a pilot who was open and sensitive to the Gospel. When he realized their mission he made sure that they had the proper flight to Perm and got the extra charges for their overweight baggage waved. He bought them some fresh fruit and even gave them a number to call if they were treated poorly!

 This man needs our prayers and wants a Bible. Please remember him !   

  They made the short fight to Perm and arrived at their hotel without further incident.

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