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Kate's Story

   This is Kate. She is a resident in one of the 42 orphan centers in the Perm area. She and her brother, Egor, along with a younger sister, came to the orphan center because their mother was not able to care for them. The doctor explained to us that it is unlikely that they would be kept together. Who would adopt a set of siblings? My heart cried out "I would!"  

   I had left Jamestown with the wise understanding between my husband and myself, that I would not return home with another child. But I became burdened with these siblings and in my mind and heart couldn't escape them. I asked the doctor to keep me informed concerning this case. I cried and prayed, and prayed and cried. I could see Kate's face every time I closed my eyes. I begged God for direction. "God, please don't let these children be separated from each other, and show me what your plan is for them.", became my all-consuming plea.

   Several days later, we attended Pastor Edward's New Testament Church. Following an awesome service, drenched in the Spirit, I heard English speaking people behind our car. I turned and said, "Americans!". "No", they replied, "Canadians.". "Close enough!" I said. After sharing briefly about our purposes for being in Perm, one lady said, "We are adopting siblings.". Jokingly, I said, "They are not named Kate and Egor, are they?" (Remember their are 42 orphan centers in Perm) She quickly responded, "Why yes, they are!" After confirming orphan centers and other stats, it became apparent that God, in His marvelous grace and mercy, was showing me His devine plan for these children. I sobbed like a baby. We exchanged addresses. I get to be their Aunt! They will grow up with hearing the story of the American women, who prayed for them to be together and how God chose the family best suited for them.

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