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Slige Random Wad Generator

By David Chess...

Dave Chess' Slige Home Page

Ever wish you had a brand new, never been played Wad, but didn't want to search the net to find one ? Well, now you can have a new Wad anytime you want with the Slige Random Wad Generator !

Slige was designed and written by David Chess to ramdomly build Wads that are different every time ! The program uses a seed number to start the ramdom build process. As long as the seed number is different, so is the wad. The seed number can be up to 10 digits long so you would have to play the rest of your life to play them all !

Doom][ Control's Slige support allows you to choose the seed number, the number of rooms, the number of levels and several other Slige parameters, so you can make your new Wad as big or as difficult as you would like. Doom][ Control also writes a text file that records all the parameters chosen. If all the parameters chosen are used by anyone else to produce a Wad with Slige, it will be an exact duplicate and can be used in a death match.

NOTE: Wads over 60 or 70 rooms per level often have problems, but Wads with over 100 rooms per level have been successful.

Take a look at some Slige Wad Screen Shots !...

The Classic Slige "S" Start A Deep Pit Full of Nasties
The classic Slige 'S' start A deep pit full of nasties
Ah, There's the exit No Way Across !
Ah, there's the exit, but watch for unopened doors No way across !
Beautiful Architecture Oops !
Beatiful architecture Oops !